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“Hiring Ellen was one of the top five decisions I have ever made in my 25 year professional career. Ellen came highly recommended to me for her superior office organization skills and she has never once disappointed me in the five years that I have worked with her. She is the backbone of my office and my office will not function effectively without her. Ellen has my highest recommendation. ”

Troy Smith, Esq.

Law Office of Troy A. Smith, P.C.

"I enthusiastically recommend Ellen Payne in any administrative capacity. As my Executive Assistant over the past five years, she has been effective and responsible in her role and works diligently on every task that is given to her. Her communication and organizational skills along with a very personable and positive attitude endeared her to me in a very short period. She is reliable and can work independently and is always quick to volunteer assistance in any area needed. I believe in her ability to be a tremendous asset to anyone. "

Sy Aryeh, Owner
SSA Investments 01, LLC

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