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About Me

Administrative and Personal Assistant with extensive experience in small business environments, specializing in the support of entrepreneurs and small business owners who have ADHD. Extremely well organized, resourceful and flexible, skilled in adapting to each individual’s needs. Conscientious and detail-oriented with an earned reputation for dependability, loyalty and integrity.

Assistant to Commercial Real Estate Owner/Manager


Support owner of several multimillion dollar commercial properties with personal and professional finances and day-to-day tasks while maintaining the highest level of confidentiality
• Manage owner’s professional accounts in QuickBooks Online
• Maintain owner’s Inbox, send/receive correspondence, create alerts for high priority items
• Communicate with customers and vendors; provide support for major building renovations; perform research on a variety of topics, products, companies
• Prepare Excel spreadsheets, Word and PDF documents for research, tracking and leasing

Executive Assistant to Criminal Defense Attorney Law Office of Troy A. Smith, P.C.


Assist attorney by creating and maintaining an organized, efficient office, handling correspondence and drafting legal documents in addition to assisting with personal tasks to leverage attorney's time
• Transform office into efficient, high-functioning space
• Organize vast quantities of confidential discovery for quick retrieval and legal compliance
• Establish and maintain file system for hundreds of clients; compile binders for trials; handle personal and business bills; track tasks and provide timely reminders

Executive Assistant to Social Impact Leader/Consultant/Speaker


Serve as right-hand person in all areas of the practice, enabling leader to realize his aspirations

• Act as thought-partner to optimize leader's impact​​

Manage all administrative, financial and logistical tasks

Research topics from contract law to business resources to areas of potential growth

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